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Sublime Incence Holder

Posted in Fun, Psychonautism, Random stuff on February 23, 2009 by sireatsalot85
Since I do go to Concordia it is unevitable to sometimes drop by High Times, which as many of you know carry diverse items for the more…psychedelically inclined. Being a pretty big fan of Sublime, I couldnt help noticed this Incence Holder which of course complements my desk quite nicely on those nice mellow weekends. The incence holder itself depicts the infamous cover of 40 oz to Freedom which is the bands debut album. The price I paid was 28 bucks, which in my opinion was a bit overpriced but hell if im such a fan I might as well right?

Also does a fine job of holding my smoking accesories 😉

My Furry Friend

Posted in Random stuff on January 29, 2009 by sireatsalot85

This little critter has been begging me for food for a year….today i just didnt have any 😦 ….he looks so sad…

Nixon Tetris Watch

Posted in Fun, Geek, Random stuff, technology on January 29, 2009 by sireatsalot85

mmm….this is sooo geeky, if only i could find it around where i live

Nutritional Value?

Posted in Concordia, Food, Random stuff on January 29, 2009 by sireatsalot85

Ok so apparently at Concordia we are trying to promote healthy eating….

Hmmm…..kinda hard!!!

Must stay awake….

Posted in Psychonautism, Random stuff on January 28, 2009 by sireatsalot85

As I was studying and falling asleep, I remebered that I had stashed away this bottle of wakeups some time ago and never really tried them.Allthought I might as well give em a try, lets hope they help even though they are only as strong as a cup of coffee each….blast.

….Omg its been 10 minutes and i feel more awake already…score

Final Fantasy 3 – Scarmiglone Boss

Posted in Random stuff on December 10, 2008 by sireatsalot85

Finally I have been trying to beat this stupid Scarmiglione Boss in FF3 and I finally did and it was easier than I though…you simply dont use fire attacks as it will cause him to attack in a devastating way. Always use Palom and Poroms twincast, use only the wizards Thunder attack and just heal or revive as soon as you can , doing so you should be fine.


Posted in Concordia, Random stuff, technology on November 20, 2008 by sireatsalot85
Wow, what a wonderful invention, a machine that charges and cleans your phone in minutes, It is a relatively new device that was installed here at Concordia, to help us dirty students clean and charge our ever growing arsenal of elctronic devices…
As you can see the machine itself consists of many wires and chargers for different brands and a small “sterilization” area that includes a little light that kills bacteria.

My phone feels minty clean already….

busy week

Posted in Random stuff on October 26, 2008 by sireatsalot85

Ugh its been such a busy week, with a slight trauma in the family I havent really posted. Also I need to get myself a new camera cuz mine broke , so soon, I will be back and running….

OCB slim review

Posted in Fun, Psychonautism, Random stuff on October 11, 2008 by sireatsalot85

So tonight I am going to go watch a movie and as a result, I have decided to roll myself a nice smoke to accompany the movie. It has been a while I have smoked, so I suppose that this will give me the opportunity to review the OCB rolling papers that I came across during the summer while visiting abroad.

They are OCB slims that come in a box, they come in a roll as opposed to the classic pull-out format.

This format has a lot of advantages since if one would like to roll a bigger smoke they can customise their length for that smooth tobacco flavour. *Cough*, my lungs are hurting already in anticipation

In terms of transparency they seem similar to the regular ocb:

I had to roll myself a very tiny “cigarette” due to my lack of financial funds at the moment as can be seen below:

Its sad being a starving student, but anyway off I go…..