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Jamaican peppers sauteed in brandy and olive oil

Posted in Cooking, Food on February 27, 2009 by sireatsalot85
Having bought waaaay to many Jamaican hot peppers one is bound to get creative. Of course if you love spicyness as much as i do, this definetly hit the spot….

In short …Chopped up peppers cooked in a bit of olive oil along with brandy then add some salt and pepper served on a bite size piece of pita….50$


Tandori, first impression

Posted in Food, Restaurants on February 22, 2009 by sireatsalot85
The new Tandori restaurant at Fairview is a brand new “Indian cuisine” fast food chain, which to my surprised is owned and operated by the same company as every other restaurant in the mall. Now the only thing I could complain about would be the fact that you can smell the curry from the resto overshadowing every other place, but alas when it comes to satisfying my appetite for something Indian, i must say it is …..OK. I tried the samosas but was really not impressed as they resemble something from a Costco value pack, steer clear of them at any cost, that is of course if one respects true Indian cuisine.
As for the chicken tandori wrap, the only word i have to describe is; decent, but nothing special.

The chicken was good and tender, the potatoes were very good. I was actually pleased that there is one restaurant that offers its potatoes baked rather than fried . Finally I can steer myself away from a heart attack yay. The mango lassi was good and creamy, not the best but very good as a desert 🙂
Overall Tandori, in terms of Indian food, so far, after having had my first meal, I would say that it is an OK place to go to if you are in the mood for something Indian, but cant have a nice full blown reputed restaurant. BUT if you want to try Indian food for the first time and have an awesome experience I would recommend Bombay Chourpati which I am planning on reviewing soon….

Romanian Snack

Posted in Cooking, Food on February 3, 2009 by sireatsalot85

This is a snack my grandmother used to make me as a kid…very simple as it consits of telemea or feta cheese, onion, butter and a tomato all on a bread or cracker


Nutritional Value?

Posted in Concordia, Food, Random stuff on January 29, 2009 by sireatsalot85

Ok so apparently at Concordia we are trying to promote healthy eating….

Hmmm…..kinda hard!!!

Breakfast Sandwich

Posted in Cooking, Food on January 29, 2009 by sireatsalot85

For the sake of time efficiency, I came up with the idea to make my breakfast for the morning the night before. Why not, since i had too much to study and needing a break the idea popped up and I made my own little version of a Breakfast Sandwich….take that McDonalds

For this you will need,

-2 Jamaican Hot Peppers

-Shredded or bit up Gouda Cheese

-A bit of oven roasted potatoes

– Black Pepper

-2 eggs

1-Take the 1st 4 ingredients, chop em and mix em

2 -Batter the eggs and and add A BIT of milk so it gains volume while they fry…trust me I thought it was loudicrous at first but it works 😉

3-Turn on the stove to max and pour the batter in , then pour in the mix evenly throughout… of course lower the temperature after 2 minutes, you dont wanna burn it either

3- Try to turn the eggs over a bit…

4- Put the result in your favorite type of bread and top with a slice of good quality cheese , not processed heart clogging kind, trust me. Also for those so inclined feel free to add your favorite sausage on there too, I just didnt have any 😦


Hacker Pschorr

Posted in Beer, Drinks, Food on January 25, 2009 by sireatsalot85

Being a lazy friday night, I decided to go down to the infamous SAQ and get myself a beer since I was in the mood for soemthing more “ethnic” than the usual. As a person that loves his beer, Hacker Pschorr is simply a delicious beer with sweet overtones and a hearty taste of hops. It is a unfiltered beer, as can be seen by its cloudy appearance and would go very well with gourmet sausages or simply a refreshing beer all year round…..of course we shouldnt forget a nice bowl of everyones favorite herb 😉

It is probably one of my favorite beers that the saq has to offer and it is quite a let down as they dont seem to carry it often…. although definetly beats many mainstream beers so be sure to pick it up if you see it, you wont be dissapointed.



Posted in Beer, Drinks, Food, Restaurants on December 13, 2008 by sireatsalot85
Delicious Burgers, Fish and Chips, Beer, Ambiance and a good crowd are to little to describe this cozy Irish Pub in the middle of St-Anne-de-Bellevue. Its simply one of those establishments that deserves good praise for their sweet potato fries, burgers and awesome service. As I have been there several times in the past 4 years, this place never fails to please me no matter what my whims for the night or day are. Last night we were at one of my friends work party and half of our group has decided to split and go eat. Being already slightly inebriated and high ,Cunninghams seemed like a proper place to seek refuge from the cold winter night….
The first thing that I noticed was their advertised Kronenbourg special which included a beer opener along with a pint of the beer. Kronenbourg is classified as a pale lager and the first thing I noticed was its lack of bitter taste as it was very smooth with slight hop notes and a surprisingly creamy foam head. I am usually not a huge fan of lagers, except for Heineken of course ;), but this beer really impressed me. To sum it up Kronenbourg is definetly a year round beer, suitable for all occasions and foods and It definetly will go on my favorites.

To accompany this refreshing pint, we decided to order some onion rings and fries with breaded chicken that unfortunately did not digest too well as I am up and its 4 in the morning and I cant sleep….

Don’t get me wrong, who doesnt love deep fried, artery clogging food but recently I think I might be overdoing it and I am guessing it is my body’s way of telling me to stop…hmmm.

All right only healthy food from now on….

….one day.