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Jolt Cola; Blue Rasberry

Posted in Drinks, Fun, Psychonautism on February 16, 2009 by sireatsalot85

Everyone knows the infamous Jolt products that have been around for almose 20 years, well it seems that in recent years they have entered the soda market with colas of different strengths and varieties, the first one i am trying is the blue rasberry who has so far exceeded my expection in taste and buzz. Packing a 256 mg jolt of caffeine it really succeded in keeping me up all night. It goes for only 1.99 too at adonis, so worth picking up

Fullers London Pride

Posted in Beer, Drinks on January 30, 2009 by sireatsalot85

Ok, so its friday afternoon and im having pizza….the microwavable kind. Unfortunately lately we havent had the time to go shop for food due to issues in the family. So to complement it I thought that I should give Fullers London Pride a go.

The lack of bitterness, very balanced taste and slight caramel/licorice notes is what really impressed me about this beer, as i really dislike bitterness. Its very easy to drink and has a slight malty flavor at the same time….not a favorite but definetly will consider buying it again. In terms of aspect the color is reddish brown but lacks a good foam head. Overall id say an 8 out of 10
Bon Appetit

Hacker Pschorr

Posted in Beer, Drinks, Food on January 25, 2009 by sireatsalot85

Being a lazy friday night, I decided to go down to the infamous SAQ and get myself a beer since I was in the mood for soemthing more “ethnic” than the usual. As a person that loves his beer, Hacker Pschorr is simply a delicious beer with sweet overtones and a hearty taste of hops. It is a unfiltered beer, as can be seen by its cloudy appearance and would go very well with gourmet sausages or simply a refreshing beer all year round…..of course we shouldnt forget a nice bowl of everyones favorite herb 😉

It is probably one of my favorite beers that the saq has to offer and it is quite a let down as they dont seem to carry it often…. although definetly beats many mainstream beers so be sure to pick it up if you see it, you wont be dissapointed.



Posted in Beer, Drinks, Food, Restaurants on December 13, 2008 by sireatsalot85
Delicious Burgers, Fish and Chips, Beer, Ambiance and a good crowd are to little to describe this cozy Irish Pub in the middle of St-Anne-de-Bellevue. Its simply one of those establishments that deserves good praise for their sweet potato fries, burgers and awesome service. As I have been there several times in the past 4 years, this place never fails to please me no matter what my whims for the night or day are. Last night we were at one of my friends work party and half of our group has decided to split and go eat. Being already slightly inebriated and high ,Cunninghams seemed like a proper place to seek refuge from the cold winter night….
The first thing that I noticed was their advertised Kronenbourg special which included a beer opener along with a pint of the beer. Kronenbourg is classified as a pale lager and the first thing I noticed was its lack of bitter taste as it was very smooth with slight hop notes and a surprisingly creamy foam head. I am usually not a huge fan of lagers, except for Heineken of course ;), but this beer really impressed me. To sum it up Kronenbourg is definetly a year round beer, suitable for all occasions and foods and It definetly will go on my favorites.

To accompany this refreshing pint, we decided to order some onion rings and fries with breaded chicken that unfortunately did not digest too well as I am up and its 4 in the morning and I cant sleep….

Don’t get me wrong, who doesnt love deep fried, artery clogging food but recently I think I might be overdoing it and I am guessing it is my body’s way of telling me to stop…hmmm.

All right only healthy food from now on….

….one day.

Fish Jerky and Guiness

Posted in Beer, Drinks, Food, Fun on November 14, 2008 by sireatsalot85

After a week of stressful events, what better way to unwind than with some fish jerky and a delicious Guiness. I decided to try the combo, courtesy of the shopgirl that has sold it to me who mentioned that it goes very well with beer. As you can notice from the picture below, the jerky comes pressed in as a disc of fish meat.
The texture itself is very very tough and and the sametime very flaky. Unlike the conventional jerky that we are used to here in north america, it is VERY spicy. Spiciness for me is a very important aspect, since I love spicy stuff and they can never seem to make a beef jerky spicy enough for my tastebuds. Along with the delicious smoothness of guiness this makes a perfect, combo. Although I do recall that at one point guiness was served with oysters, which would therefore make the drink a suitable candidate for seafood, no?


Anyway im off to watch the BankJob along with Jason Statham…


Saketini Madness

Posted in Drinks, Food on November 2, 2008 by sireatsalot85

For the entire week ive been wanting a Martini, although the opportunity never arose, I have decided to make its cousin; the Saketini. Being a lazy sunday night and having rounded up the ingredients, I said to myself ,why not make one?;
For this you will need
2.5 oz of Vodka
.4 oz of sake
1-2 Cocktail olives

First,fill your glass with ice and water and let it chill. Then take your liquids and insert them in a shaker filled with ice and…..shake. Pour your mix in a cocktail glass and garnish with a olive…..mmm.

Kuemmerling Krauterlikor Review

Posted in Drinks on October 13, 2008 by sireatsalot85

On my recent trip to Germany, I had the opportunity to purchase a few samplers of the local booze and this is the first one that I decided to try. It goes by the name of Kuemmerling, a herb liquer which I believe is a “digestif” that Germans drink after a large meal.

Kuemmerling also comes in a orange flavoured version, which is available on kuemmerling’s website. ( Just type the name on google and you will be redirected)

The liquid itself is of reddish darkbrown color and upon opening the tiny flask, the odour reminded me of its infamous cousin Jagermeister. Upon taking a sip of the flask, a strong bitter flavour engulfed my mouth, followed by a tinge of sweetness that is kind of like Jagermeister. Although in my personal opinon, the latter tastes a lot better and for my north american tastebuds, it is much more palatable. This herbal liqueur reminded me of the other digestif I had a few years ago which was even worse .

In conclusion for those wanting to get plastered this is not a drink made for that, as you will simply not be able to drink too much of it. Also, the fact that it is a very dark beverage, it most likely contains a lot of congeners. In short ; the more congeners a beverage has, the worse the hangover, but if one wishes to have the digestive effect of mystery herbs and spices by all means sip on it all you want, your stomach will thank you. Cheers

All gone….*shudders*