Sensory Deprivation : first impressions


Ive been wanting a leather hood for soooo long that i finally caved in and got one. I fell in love with it at first sight, as it comes with a gag, blindfold is oh so comfortable to wear for a long period of time. Its sooo comfortable i even gave the thought of sleeping with it over my head but for the time being seems a bit dangerous.

Anyway, lucky for me i got to try it the first day i got it with the help of one of my Domme friends who was also kind enough to attempt a butterly shibari technique, which pretty much acts kind of like an armbinder, without the restricting feeling on the chest.  I must say that it had to be the most interesting experience of my life, and possibly one of my favorite things i have tried. Its just the funnest thing to not be able to see or talk and have someone pull you around at their own will, its a complete loss of control. Its also quite the meditative experience, to be left alone for a minute or two, you get a bit scared at first but then you keep reassuring yourself that everything is fine.

So sensory deprovation is probably one of my favorite activities to do so far and it is something i definetly want to explore some more…..

One Response to “Sensory Deprivation : first impressions”

  1. Great mask you have in there! Sensory deprivation it’s one of my favorite.

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