my view of submission

Recently, after surfing through different sites such as collarme and fetlife, i have  really been pondering my viewpoints of what it means to be a sub/slave and comparing it to that of many other opinions regarding the title (s). For many people. it seems as if bdsm is something that they do simply out of fantasy and fun, for others such as myself it carries a much deeper meaning to which I am wondering at times why is it that i am the way i am : which is being submissive. Now, when i say that i am submissive, it doesnt mean i am submissive just around any Domme or girl or whatever, i am submissive only if it feels right towards that person.

 At this point my “submissiveness” is something i am still discovering and at times even questioning to how far will i go to please the right Domme even if it means me “suffering” to some extent. For me there is nothing more comforting than having complete trust in a Domme and going into subspace, it is the  feeling of complete abandonement of the self and loss of control which i  crave.  Although when i have given myself to someone,  this exchange of power has only been sucessful when there has been an established level of trust and comfort around the person. If i dont feel comfortable i cant do it…. .

Many people would consider submissive males as “weak” , in my opinion this is the most biased and untruthful statement that one could come up with. I think that having accepted the fact that one is submissive and actualising it in a honest and truthful matter, is the greatest sign of self confidence that one can posess.  I mean if i ever saw a person on all fours acting as a “bench” for their partner, in the middle of a public park, that guy or girl is showing how far he is willing to go to please and make sure that their loved one is comfortable. That is the ultimate form of dedication in my opinion and sometimes i question if i would ever go that far….hmm maybe not in the near future , but one never knows

One Response to “my view of submission”

  1. This is my exact point of view regarding male submissions. It’s all about trust and love.

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