Shoe Gag

Having a pretty big love for shoes, something i would not call a fetish but rather a turn on, i have spent an entire summer thinking how genius i was by making myself a shoe gag. 

So i was really thinking that it was a great idea, until i came across a few sites that have or sell such items, which really brought me down from my bubble 😦   BUT nonetheless, i am still planning on carrying out this little dream of mine….

  There is even a Domme on ebay that makes them and will make a purchase 🙂 Even though at this time they do not seem very popular, i am sure that with time they will. Ny way whenever i get around to making one i will post how i did it…;)


28-24-shoegag very sexy 🙂

One Response to “Shoe Gag”

  1. It’s a nice idea but looks a little silly. I mean, it’s great when a Domina gag you with her foot while she’s wearing a high heels but to use a shoe as a gag… hmm… looks silly. It’s more fetish and less BDSM.

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