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Sensory Deprivation : first impressions

Posted in BDSM on March 24, 2009 by sireatsalot85


Ive been wanting a leather hood for soooo long that i finally caved in and got one. I fell in love with it at first sight, as it comes with a gag, blindfold is oh so comfortable to wear for a long period of time. Its sooo comfortable i even gave the thought of sleeping with it over my head but for the time being seems a bit dangerous.

Anyway, lucky for me i got to try it the first day i got it with the help of one of my Domme friends who was also kind enough to attempt a butterly shibari technique, which pretty much acts kind of like an armbinder, without the restricting feeling on the chest.  I must say that it had to be the most interesting experience of my life, and possibly one of my favorite things i have tried. Its just the funnest thing to not be able to see or talk and have someone pull you around at their own will, its a complete loss of control. Its also quite the meditative experience, to be left alone for a minute or two, you get a bit scared at first but then you keep reassuring yourself that everything is fine.

So sensory deprovation is probably one of my favorite activities to do so far and it is something i definetly want to explore some more…..

Glass Fetish

Posted in BDSM, Psychonautism on March 17, 2009 by sireatsalot85

Ok, as a noted cannabis enthusiast, i have always loved New York artist JP Toros bongs, waterpipes and other smoking implements.

As can be seen here his bongs are VERY artistic :


Now after having found his myspace page it seems as if he is also a BDSM enthusiast as some of his works might give hint ….




This is a link to his myspace page where many of his other works can be found : Continue reading

my view of submission

Posted in BDSM on March 16, 2009 by sireatsalot85

Recently, after surfing through different sites such as collarme and fetlife, i have  really been pondering my viewpoints of what it means to be a sub/slave and comparing it to that of many other opinions regarding the title (s). For many people. it seems as if bdsm is something that they do simply out of fantasy and fun, for others such as myself it carries a much deeper meaning to which I am wondering at times why is it that i am the way i am : which is being submissive. Now, when i say that i am submissive, it doesnt mean i am submissive just around any Domme or girl or whatever, i am submissive only if it feels right towards that person.

 At this point my “submissiveness” is something i am still discovering and at times even questioning to how far will i go to please the right Domme even if it means me “suffering” to some extent. For me there is nothing more comforting than having complete trust in a Domme and going into subspace, it is the  feeling of complete abandonement of the self and loss of control which i  crave.  Although when i have given myself to someone,  this exchange of power has only been sucessful when there has been an established level of trust and comfort around the person. If i dont feel comfortable i cant do it…. .

Many people would consider submissive males as “weak” , in my opinion this is the most biased and untruthful statement that one could come up with. I think that having accepted the fact that one is submissive and actualising it in a honest and truthful matter, is the greatest sign of self confidence that one can posess.  I mean if i ever saw a person on all fours acting as a “bench” for their partner, in the middle of a public park, that guy or girl is showing how far he is willing to go to please and make sure that their loved one is comfortable. That is the ultimate form of dedication in my opinion and sometimes i question if i would ever go that far….hmm maybe not in the near future , but one never knows

Shoe Gag

Posted in BDSM on March 8, 2009 by sireatsalot85

Having a pretty big love for shoes, something i would not call a fetish but rather a turn on, i have spent an entire summer thinking how genius i was by making myself a shoe gag. 

So i was really thinking that it was a great idea, until i came across a few sites that have or sell such items, which really brought me down from my bubble 😦   BUT nonetheless, i am still planning on carrying out this little dream of mine….

  There is even a Domme on ebay that makes them and will make a purchase 🙂 Even though at this time they do not seem very popular, i am sure that with time they will. Ny way whenever i get around to making one i will post how i did it…;)


28-24-shoegag very sexy 🙂

Breath Play and Shibari

Posted in BDSM on March 6, 2009 by sireatsalot85


Well it seems as this weekend was my first time trying breath play and what can i say other than i loved it for a first time experience. I was gagged with my infamous ginormous ballgag that i bought from fetiche store. Even though it was only for 5 seconds each time it was really awesome.  It must be such a thrill to let someone do it for longer at their own will, I was also completely bound as can be seen in the picture above, so that really added to the element of helplessness that i so love.

My first article about BDSM…

Posted in BDSM, Uncategorized on March 5, 2009 by sireatsalot85

Ok, so lately i have decided that if  BDSM is a huge part of me, possibly the hugest,i  should seriously start writing about it. So here i am writing about it lol….

After a crazy weekend at one of the local fetish clubs here in Montreal, one of my kink buddies has been joking with me that She will tie me to my desk so that i dont get up 100 times during our study session, it turns out…she wasnt kidding 🙂 

When we were all about to sit down and get studying, i see Her taking out 2 rolled up bundles of bright yellow rope out of her bag.  Yes She proceeded to tying my leg to the desk…


Also there was a slim possibility that anyone was able to barge in through the door , which added a slight element of suspense knowing that someone i would not know could find me in this unusual situation. It was at Her work in a downtown office on a lazy sunday morning, so that really made me think to what extent i would go about doing public play…