Breakfast Sandwich

For the sake of time efficiency, I came up with the idea to make my breakfast for the morning the night before. Why not, since i had too much to study and needing a break the idea popped up and I made my own little version of a Breakfast Sandwich….take that McDonalds

For this you will need,

-2 Jamaican Hot Peppers

-Shredded or bit up Gouda Cheese

-A bit of oven roasted potatoes

– Black Pepper

-2 eggs

1-Take the 1st 4 ingredients, chop em and mix em

2 -Batter the eggs and and add A BIT of milk so it gains volume while they fry…trust me I thought it was loudicrous at first but it works 😉

3-Turn on the stove to max and pour the batter in , then pour in the mix evenly throughout… of course lower the temperature after 2 minutes, you dont wanna burn it either

3- Try to turn the eggs over a bit…

4- Put the result in your favorite type of bread and top with a slice of good quality cheese , not processed heart clogging kind, trust me. Also for those so inclined feel free to add your favorite sausage on there too, I just didnt have any 😦



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