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Fullers London Pride

Posted in Beer, Drinks on January 30, 2009 by sireatsalot85

Ok, so its friday afternoon and im having pizza….the microwavable kind. Unfortunately lately we havent had the time to go shop for food due to issues in the family. So to complement it I thought that I should give Fullers London Pride a go.

The lack of bitterness, very balanced taste and slight caramel/licorice notes is what really impressed me about this beer, as i really dislike bitterness. Its very easy to drink and has a slight malty flavor at the same time….not a favorite but definetly will consider buying it again. In terms of aspect the color is reddish brown but lacks a good foam head. Overall id say an 8 out of 10
Bon Appetit

My Furry Friend

Posted in Random stuff on January 29, 2009 by sireatsalot85

This little critter has been begging me for food for a year….today i just didnt have any 😦 ….he looks so sad…

Nixon Tetris Watch

Posted in Fun, Geek, Random stuff, technology on January 29, 2009 by sireatsalot85

mmm….this is sooo geeky, if only i could find it around where i live

Nutritional Value?

Posted in Concordia, Food, Random stuff on January 29, 2009 by sireatsalot85

Ok so apparently at Concordia we are trying to promote healthy eating….

Hmmm…..kinda hard!!!

Breakfast Sandwich

Posted in Cooking, Food on January 29, 2009 by sireatsalot85

For the sake of time efficiency, I came up with the idea to make my breakfast for the morning the night before. Why not, since i had too much to study and needing a break the idea popped up and I made my own little version of a Breakfast Sandwich….take that McDonalds

For this you will need,

-2 Jamaican Hot Peppers

-Shredded or bit up Gouda Cheese

-A bit of oven roasted potatoes

– Black Pepper

-2 eggs

1-Take the 1st 4 ingredients, chop em and mix em

2 -Batter the eggs and and add A BIT of milk so it gains volume while they fry…trust me I thought it was loudicrous at first but it works 😉

3-Turn on the stove to max and pour the batter in , then pour in the mix evenly throughout… of course lower the temperature after 2 minutes, you dont wanna burn it either

3- Try to turn the eggs over a bit…

4- Put the result in your favorite type of bread and top with a slice of good quality cheese , not processed heart clogging kind, trust me. Also for those so inclined feel free to add your favorite sausage on there too, I just didnt have any 😦


First Rumblings

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on January 28, 2009 by sireatsalot85

This is my first entry about this blog, which will inherently become my blog about the local bdsm community in montreal.


Must stay awake….

Posted in Psychonautism, Random stuff on January 28, 2009 by sireatsalot85

As I was studying and falling asleep, I remebered that I had stashed away this bottle of wakeups some time ago and never really tried them.Allthought I might as well give em a try, lets hope they help even though they are only as strong as a cup of coffee each….blast.

….Omg its been 10 minutes and i feel more awake already…score