Bofinger Restaurant

So, I am almost done studying and about to start my holiday, in celebration I decided that going to a restaurant would be apporpriate rather than the usual drinky/smokey that one does on special occasions. Bofinger is a new steakhouse chain that recently has surfaced in the Montreal area and my overall impression is AMAZING . It is the only place in town where for under 10$ you can eat, literally……like a pig. On top of that I have found the food to be of superior quality and flavor,more so than a lot of aother places which will remain un named.

The menu consists of things such as beef,pork, sausages etc and one must choose a sauce and a accompangnement to the meal ,which can include beans, fries, mac and cheese and of course……

an unlimited selection of carbonated beverages to pour to your hearts content.

For exactly 9.25$ I got a all dressed rib sandwich, along with fries and ginger ale. As I bit into every inch, the hot sauce was definetly burning my insides . OMFG, it was delicious that is all I can say…

Another awesome feauture of the restaurant is the selection of hot sauces and I’m telling you they have hot sauces galore. Unfortunaltely I only got to try three….


Overall Bofinger is definetly the place to go for quality, service and great quality, that won’t leave you pennyless



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