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Delicious Burgers, Fish and Chips, Beer, Ambiance and a good crowd are to little to describe this cozy Irish Pub in the middle of St-Anne-de-Bellevue. Its simply one of those establishments that deserves good praise for their sweet potato fries, burgers and awesome service. As I have been there several times in the past 4 years, this place never fails to please me no matter what my whims for the night or day are. Last night we were at one of my friends work party and half of our group has decided to split and go eat. Being already slightly inebriated and high ,Cunninghams seemed like a proper place to seek refuge from the cold winter night….
The first thing that I noticed was their advertised Kronenbourg special which included a beer opener along with a pint of the beer. Kronenbourg is classified as a pale lager and the first thing I noticed was its lack of bitter taste as it was very smooth with slight hop notes and a surprisingly creamy foam head. I am usually not a huge fan of lagers, except for Heineken of course ;), but this beer really impressed me. To sum it up Kronenbourg is definetly a year round beer, suitable for all occasions and foods and It definetly will go on my favorites.

To accompany this refreshing pint, we decided to order some onion rings and fries with breaded chicken that unfortunately did not digest too well as I am up and its 4 in the morning and I cant sleep….

Don’t get me wrong, who doesnt love deep fried, artery clogging food but recently I think I might be overdoing it and I am guessing it is my body’s way of telling me to stop…hmmm.

All right only healthy food from now on….

….one day.

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Final Fantasy 3 – Scarmiglone Boss

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Finally I have been trying to beat this stupid Scarmiglione Boss in FF3 and I finally did and it was easier than I though…you simply dont use fire attacks as it will cause him to attack in a devastating way. Always use Palom and Poroms twincast, use only the wizards Thunder attack and just heal or revive as soon as you can , doing so you should be fine.

Soupebol West Island

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Soupebol is another chain of local restaurants that features different types of asian inspired foods. Although there is no specific country the chain represents, their food seems to be heavily inspired from Thai food. The size of all the locales except the one on St.Catherine are fairly small, I have eaten at most of the restaurants and I must say that thir soups are what keeps me coming back hence their name Soupebol. Depending on what you fancy for a meal, most of their soups always seem to be filled with raw vegetables which is always a plus. They also make an excelent low fat chicken dish that I forget its name 😦

My usual is the large Won Ton soup, but this time I decided to go for something a bit more daring. Already being somewhat full from my huge breakfast I decided to opt for the small Spicy Tom Yum soup with seafood (and lots of it);)

What impresses me most about the soup is the perfect balance between hot, sour and sweet, along with the different spices and herbs and of course…… a gigantic mussel. Although what has dissapointed me, is the fact that there is imitation crab instead of real crab. BUT for the price of 9.50 $ it is definetly something tasty that will fill you up for the rest of the day so I should’nt really complain. Using real crab would jack up the price quite a lot. Although it would be nice if they had the option of real crab since it would really kick up the flavour even more.

This is another local restaurant that will make sure to satisfy you without breaking your wallet…

Bofinger Restaurant

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So, I am almost done studying and about to start my holiday, in celebration I decided that going to a restaurant would be apporpriate rather than the usual drinky/smokey that one does on special occasions. Bofinger is a new steakhouse chain that recently has surfaced in the Montreal area and my overall impression is AMAZING . It is the only place in town where for under 10$ you can eat, literally……like a pig. On top of that I have found the food to be of superior quality and flavor,more so than a lot of aother places which will remain un named.

The menu consists of things such as beef,pork, sausages etc and one must choose a sauce and a accompangnement to the meal ,which can include beans, fries, mac and cheese and of course……

an unlimited selection of carbonated beverages to pour to your hearts content.

For exactly 9.25$ I got a all dressed rib sandwich, along with fries and ginger ale. As I bit into every inch, the hot sauce was definetly burning my insides . OMFG, it was delicious that is all I can say…

Another awesome feauture of the restaurant is the selection of hot sauces and I’m telling you they have hot sauces galore. Unfortunaltely I only got to try three….


Overall Bofinger is definetly the place to go for quality, service and great quality, that won’t leave you pennyless