What’s wrong with this picture?

It’s really sad to think that we as humans can be so ignorant of our surroundings and always seem to think of something as “not my problem” or “it is just the way it is”.

To answer the question as to what is wrong with my picture is that it is the middle of November and it is 12 degrees outside, these are sadly, the effects of global warming.

The amount of cars that were present on the same street earlier was astounding. To think about all the pollution that those cars were emanating and how much of it was going into my lungs was a really disgusting thought. These my firends are simply the effects of our dependence on oil, hence one of the most sought after commodity of our time.

Cars are powered by fuel, almost everything contains some sort of petroleum derivative, from our computers to our styrofoam coffee cups.

Sadly, global warming is the price we pay to go online, preserve our food, drive our cars and to think that these are things that a huge portion of the global population take for granted on a daily basis.

As I was walking puffing on my joint I think to myself, we really need to wake up and smell the coffee. We automatically assume that everything our goverments do is right and for the good of the common people, but the truth is our goverments seem to prefer short term profits over your or my well being.

A thought that occured to me was about cancer. Cancer is comparatevely very common these days than it was 50 years ago. Why? Because of so much crap that is being put into our own bodies on a daily basis. I mean most people dont even seem to care about what producers put into our food, or how it was processed. Look at Genetically Modified Organisms, the baby of food corprations. We tend believe that this is a scheme for the common good of all, by having the ablity to eradicate world hunger and make the products better, but in the end that is just a bunch of bullshit. It all comes down to profit and even more profit. How do we even know how these will affect our enviroment in the long run, our well being, health etc…

As I mentioned, cancer is one of the biggest killers on the planet and guess who is making profit off of the deaths of people, the pharmaceutical industry. It seems as if they dont even care to find a cure , I mean cmon, a huge chunk of profit comes from the developement of chemicals targeted towards cancer, that dont even have much of an effect. It seems in a way as if they want us to be sick, so that they can further profit off of us. Because lets face it, finding a cure would not be favorable towards making money in the long run.

It has been speculated for 35 or so years that THC (the active component of cannabis) has tumor killing properties and yet no wide scale investigations have been produced into these claims. Why? The answer is simple….you cant patent a plant, if there is no patent there is no profit. Also if there indeed was a cure that lied within the compound that would mean people could possibly extract their own, therefore nullifiying any form of dependence on the big industry. Which in turns means loss of profit….. check it it has resurfaced lately in the news too.

Also all the stuff im learning in sociology class is really opening my mind to the truth and it is truly disgusting

check this site, since my mom died of cancer, and thinking this might have helped her live or even make her life better, it could have been a gift of heaven. Instead she was taking that morphine and heroin crap which rendered her unfonctional most of the time….


This is a small example on how us as a whole population are being kept in major ignorance by our evertrusting Goverments, and it is time that we indeed wake up and smell the coffee and do something about it this doesnt only apply for medicine but also our food and enviroment.


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