Fish Jerky and Guiness

After a week of stressful events, what better way to unwind than with some fish jerky and a delicious Guiness. I decided to try the combo, courtesy of the shopgirl that has sold it to me who mentioned that it goes very well with beer. As you can notice from the picture below, the jerky comes pressed in as a disc of fish meat.
The texture itself is very very tough and and the sametime very flaky. Unlike the conventional jerky that we are used to here in north america, it is VERY spicy. Spiciness for me is a very important aspect, since I love spicy stuff and they can never seem to make a beef jerky spicy enough for my tastebuds. Along with the delicious smoothness of guiness this makes a perfect, combo. Although I do recall that at one point guiness was served with oysters, which would therefore make the drink a suitable candidate for seafood, no?


Anyway im off to watch the BankJob along with Jason Statham…


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