Girls have Dildos, what do guys have?

Recently, I have been wondering with a few of my friends, what do guys use in their perverse little escapdes. It seems as if my trip to the local sex shop has answered my question; its called….A Masturbator.

Having had a one on one discussion with the helpful, yet sexy assistant, she pointed me to a variety of personal toys that guys use. She showed me a few interesting models that are made from a new type of material , aptly named ,CyberSkin. CyberSkin is suppose to feel like the real deal as it is used on those really expensive sex dolls that people use and spend tens of thousands of dollars on.

The more she showed me around, the sillier i got , having squeezed and …ugh…, sampled a variety of CyberSkin devices, I decided to purchase for 30$ the Jessy Capelly replica of her Vajayjay made by the famous company Doc Johnson.

As I opened the package, the scent of strawberries engulfed my nostrils and out came a rubber Vagina.

To the touch it almost feels like skin and also, the detailing that has gone into replicating the actual organ is quite impressive as I can see even the pores on the skin….amazing I must say….

Ny way, the mystery of what guys use, is now officially debunked….

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