Operation; Japanese Onion Sandwich

I finally have time and it seems my camera works, so I am able to blog again at least for a while.

Today feautured topic, is…..my brunch.

Since being unable to eat breakfast, I have decided to make myself something my mom use to make me as a kid, with my own twist; Fried onion on bread with a japanese twist to it.
For this you will need;
quarter to half an onion,
1 hot ball pepper or hot pepper of your choice
2 slices of swiss cheese,
2 slices of bread,
2 pinches powdered garlic,
1 pinch of pepper
1 tbsp japanese chili oil.
1 tbsp of extravirgin olive oil

After getting the ingredients, dice your onions along with a hot pepper to a small consistency so that the oils can penetrate

After dicing, add your oils to the pan and turn on maximum heat.

While its heating , put your 2 slices of bread in the toaster , put your ingredients in let them sizzle a bit and turn down a few nottches. Let it fry in the pan for around 5 minutes till it turns into a golden brown and make sure you dont over do them;

After, simply add your salt and pepper while stirring and after the toast is done, carefully put the ingredients on the bread

Then cover it with the swiss cheese, pop in the microvave for 8 seconds and VOILA!!!

Japanese onion sandwich A a la Sir Eats a Lot, (yes i know some pics are crappy but my camera is awful for the moment, so bear with me yes?)


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