Launch Energy Gum Review

I was at the local deppaneur (corner store in Montreal slang) and this new gum caught my eye.
Dubbed Launch, this gum is suppose to pack a 60 mg jolt of caffeine delivered straight to your neurons intramucously (through your gums), for a faster hit of your favorite stimulant.
Launch gum, comes packaged in a tin that resembles the common “bullet” shape of most energy drink cans. Also, like most energy drinks, other than caffeine it also contains , vitamin b6, b12, taurine and the rest of the common ingredients found in these types of drinks.
Unfortunately, after opening the can I noticed that halfway through it was filled with a metal plate, since it only comes packed with 9 measly pieces of gum. Having stupidly dropped one on my way to class, I was this left with 8 of these to try.
Deeply angry with myself, I decided to try one out. Once I started chewing like a champ, the bitterness of caffeine flushed by mouth along with the refreshing taste of peppermint and then BUZZ….the caffeine kicked in less than 5 minutes.
Overall I must say that this product was truly useful in warding off my sleepiness in the library while working on my paper. It seems like a nice thing to have when you require a caffeine kick in places that otherwise will not let you have your precious coffee.

One Response to “Launch Energy Gum Review”

  1. M!ssWineNDine Says:

    Try having it with a nice glass of red wine!

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