Kuemmerling Krauterlikor Review

On my recent trip to Germany, I had the opportunity to purchase a few samplers of the local booze and this is the first one that I decided to try. It goes by the name of Kuemmerling, a herb liquer which I believe is a “digestif” that Germans drink after a large meal.

Kuemmerling also comes in a orange flavoured version, which is available on kuemmerling’s website. ( Just type the name on google and you will be redirected)

The liquid itself is of reddish darkbrown color and upon opening the tiny flask, the odour reminded me of its infamous cousin Jagermeister. Upon taking a sip of the flask, a strong bitter flavour engulfed my mouth, followed by a tinge of sweetness that is kind of like Jagermeister. Although in my personal opinon, the latter tastes a lot better and for my north american tastebuds, it is much more palatable. This herbal liqueur reminded me of the other digestif I had a few years ago which was even worse .

In conclusion for those wanting to get plastered this is not a drink made for that, as you will simply not be able to drink too much of it. Also, the fact that it is a very dark beverage, it most likely contains a lot of congeners. In short ; the more congeners a beverage has, the worse the hangover, but if one wishes to have the digestive effect of mystery herbs and spices by all means sip on it all you want, your stomach will thank you. Cheers

All gone….*shudders*

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