OCB slim review

So tonight I am going to go watch a movie and as a result, I have decided to roll myself a nice smoke to accompany the movie. It has been a while I have smoked, so I suppose that this will give me the opportunity to review the OCB rolling papers that I came across during the summer while visiting abroad.

They are OCB slims that come in a box, they come in a roll as opposed to the classic pull-out format.

This format has a lot of advantages since if one would like to roll a bigger smoke they can customise their length for that smooth tobacco flavour. *Cough*, my lungs are hurting already in anticipation

In terms of transparency they seem similar to the regular ocb:

I had to roll myself a very tiny “cigarette” due to my lack of financial funds at the moment as can be seen below:

Its sad being a starving student, but anyway off I go…..


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